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Duane Murphy
Duane Murphy


Dear Fellow Real Estate Agent:

You might be an experienced agent who’s having a hard time or a brand new agent looking for a fresh start. Whatever your experience, you want to do more than sell homes; you want to make an impact in your community. You want to be part of an evolving team and change the way real estate is being done. 

There’s just one issue: you don’t know where to start. You either don’t have a plan to build your business or don’t have enough leads to make it happen. You have the talent, but you lack the opportunity or in-depth training to make your skills shine. 87% of agents quit in their first few years in real estate. Most of them don’t quit because they lack the talent or hate the business; they quit because they don’t have enough support. They lacked the systems, teams, and training they needed to flourish.

Maybe you’ve tried buying leads. You might have spent a bunch of money looking for a silver bullet to solve all your problems. You’ve been nickeled and dimed for every possible reason, and, at this rate, you might go broke before you become successful. 

Maybe you stay awake at night wondering where that next deal will come from. Even if you can find enough business, you’re worried that you aren’t spending enough time with your family. You love working in real estate, but you don’t know how you can survive long enough to keep doing it. If this goes on, you might have to go back to a nine-to-five, working for someone else instead of yourself. You’ll have to face everyone who said you couldn’t do it and wonder if they were right.

My name is Duane Murphy, and I’ve been there. I started as a solo agent during the Great Recession. The market crashed just weeks after I got my license. I worked at a traditional, large-box brokerage in the area, with no leads, no opportunities, and limited support. I clawed and fought my way through while eating lots of hot dogs on white bread and mac and cheese. I’d work another job from 10 p.m. till 1 a.m., get a few hours of sleep and go to another job in the early morning just so I could afford to keep my phone on and gas in my vehicle. I was just trying to stay in the business long enough to get that next client and closing.

I learned how to and how not to create a team. This led to more success and more sales but I was limited to what I could do at the brokerage I was at. I wanted to offer more to my clients and the people working for me, but I couldn’t do it at the brokerage I had at the time. So I interviewed with the majority of our local real estate companies and couldn’t find anywhere else that had the culture and environment that would let me do what I needed to do, so I built it. Our goal today is to give agents the opportunity to build their businesses and be successful. I don’t want you to struggle like I had to.

If you feel like you can’t keep going with real estate, join us. We offer a really robust lead generation system that is designed to help agents build their databases faster. We have a leadership team and a support team that is totally focused on helping our agents succeed. Everything we do is designed to help you work smarter and get faster results. 

Our philosophy is that “We all get there Together”. We run a hybrid brokerage. In fact, you could call us a “Teamerage”. A brokerage firm that is run like a team. Even though everyone here is their own independent agent, it feels and operates like one big family. If you need help, at any time, a dozen people will step up to offer you that help. If you need advice, everyone in our family will share it. 

We offer plenty of deliverables:

  • Over $650,000 worth of lead generation just last year. 
  • A dedicated company trainer 
  • CRMs, websites, and online transaction programs
  • In-House Transaction Coordinators (for both listing and buying)
  • Call staff that help set appointments for you 
  • Company Cap of $18,000 so you take home more money 
  • No Franchise Fees, Desk Fees, or Junk Fees 
  • Unlimited Yearly Revenue Share Opportunities 

This list just scratches the surface. The more little things we can take off your shoulders, the better. All our support will give you more time to either sell more homes so you can live a better life or spend more time with your friends and family. We can help you get both, more money and more time.

If you don’t decide to join us, your next best option is to join a traditional brokerage, but you’ll just become another number. If you make it, great. If you don’t, they’ll just hire 10 more to replace you. You could try to do it on your own, but you won’t have the support of an entire family behind you.

We have helped plenty of people already. Take, for example, Brenda, one of our agents. She worked for a large brokerage in our area before coming to us. She sold six homes in her first year with her old brokerage. In her first year with us, she sold 25 homes (and 42 homes in her second year) taking home over $250,000. Samantha, similarly, came from a large franchise brokerage in our area. She only bought and sold her own 2 properties with the other brokerage, but with us, she made over $225,000 this past year. We have many more examples of agents that have joined us to have their best year ever after immersing themselves in our Family. 

If you join our Family, I can promise that you will be more successful. We want to help your business grow and give you the support you need. We want to give you more time to either do more deals or to spend more time where it matters, with your friends and family.

Once you join our brokerage, we’ll lead you through our 62-step onboarding process. This will help you transition, whether you’re an experienced agent or brand-new. We also have a 21-day fast-track training for newer agents that’ll prepare you to talk with clients and write contacts. If you are an experienced agent our dedicated transition team will work with you to make sure you get familiar with our systems so you can start writing offers and listing homes as soon as possible. 

Every single day, there are more and more agents in the business. At the same time, fewer homes are being sold each day too. If you want to stay ahead of this compression, you have to work with a team and get an advantage. Every day you wait, the market will get harder. Join our family and let us help you. My promise to you and everyone that joins us is that we promise to leave no agent behind. You are not just a number. 

I look forward to talking to you soon.

Duane Murphy


P.S. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked question I get about working here:

  1. Is someone going to help me transition? Yes. We have an entire team dedicated to helping you get started and immersed in the Expert way. 
  2. What’s your split? 80/20.    80% goes to the agent, and 20% goes to the firm. 
  3. How many leads will you get? At our company, it’s unlimited. Your leads are all based on your conversion, area of coverage and availability. 
  4. Do you have a cap? Yes; our cap is $18,000. Once you hit the cap, you go to a pure 100% commission. There are no fees, charges or per transaction costs.
  5. Do you offer revenue share? We do! If you’re helping us grow, you will receive a portion of our overall revenue every single year that you and the person you brought to us us still with us. It’s also unlimited. Bring 2 people to us and get revenue share on both of them. Bring 10 get revenue share on all 10. 
  6. Are there any other fees? NONE - ZIP - ZERO. We have no desk fees, franchise fees, tech fees or broker review fees. Our agents pay their monthly/yearly MLS dues and licensing fees, but that’s it.
  7. Do you pay for E&O insurance? We do. We pay for all our agents’ E&O insurance. 
  8. Do you offer admin support? Yes: transaction coordinators for listings and offers, a closing department, appointment setting staff, a full-time in-house company trainer, a business development coach, and more. 
  9. How soon can I join? Tomorrow! We can onboard you as soon as we know you’re a good fit. 
  10. Do you have extra training? Yes. We have weekly (if not daily) training. 

Let’s help you grow your business,

Duane Murphy